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Atatürk Mansion

Built in Soğuksu quarter, in1890 by an Ottoman citizen Konstantin Kabayandis as a summer house. After population exchange it was given to the treasure in 1923. On 15th September, Atatürk visited and liked the pavillion on his first visit to Trabzon. Upon this fact, in line with Constant Province Council's decision by 361 Number, dated 18.05.1931, the pavillion was given to Atatürk as a gift by the people of Trabzon. Atatürk stayed here only on time during his last visit to Trabzon from 10th to 12th June,1937 also took a decision leaving his property to the Turkish Nation. After his death, the pavillion inherited by Makbule Hanım, sister of Atatürk and was bought on the 6th April, 1943 by Trabzon Municipality, was decorated and opened as Atatürk Museum. The building is built by stone and brick and has some traces from European architecture.

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